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Most workbooks and study guides only touch on a small percentage of the countries that make up the beautiful African continent. With our flagship product, the Discover Africa! workbook is the most comprehensive of its kind. Your students will be ready to virtually visit all fifty-four African countries, sovereign states, and independent territories.

This product is a digital download, no physical copy will be mailed.

Included in your digital download:

  • 2 blank African continent maps.
  • 54 workbook pages for each country.
  • 54 black line maps for each country.
  • Full-color flags to cut and paste onto the pages or simply use as a coloring guide.
  • A specially curated collection of professional color photographs sized for cutting and pasting onto each country page under the “Meet the People” heading.

You Will Need:

Access to a printer or print shop (see below for printing tips). A three-ring hole punch (or have the print shop punch/drill them for you. A three-ring binder, scissors, glue stick, colored pencils, plus pencils, pens, or thin markers to fill in information.

Printing tips:

Your instant PDF download can be printed at home or sent to a local print shop. The country pages have color accents, but to save on cost, they have been designed to print nicely in black and white. However, we strongly recommend printing the photo sheets and flags in COLOR!

A print shop can also drill/punch holes for a three-ring binder, or bind the workbooks for you (we recommend comb, coil, or wire bindings). Whichever method you choose, ensure that the pages can lay flat for easy coloring and writing. 

Tip! We recommend leaving the photo sheets and flag sheets un-punched and un-bound for easier access as they’ll be cut up with use. We like slipping them into the folders in the front and back of a three-ring binder and placing loose cut up photos/flags in a labeled ziplock bag. 

See our FAQ page for more printing tips.

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